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Yerba Mate is a wonderful green tea!


I am a serious drinker of Yerba Mate! I just love the stuff! I've created this website so I can share my love for this wonderful tea from South America and what I have learned from the past 8 years of drinking it. First, I feel I must share the story of how I came to start drinking Yerba Mate Tea.

Back in 2000, I went on a missions trip to Resistencia, Argentina. An area called "The Chaco Province". It was an amazing time! I spent a lot of time in the poor neighborhoods working with the children. It was then that I was introduced to Yerba Mate. I'm not from South America, I'm not Argentine, I don't even know the culture that well, but I can tell you I fell in love with Yerba Mate the first time I tried it. During this missions trip I stayed with an Argentine family, they did not speak English and I did not speak Spanish. I stayed with them for 10 days. There was an older son who lived there that was learning English and he could speak just a little bit of it. We stayed up late several nights trying to communicate. We talked about American culture and he shared a bit with me about his culture. The first night we stayed up late talking, he shared Yerba Mate with me. I was in love with this tea from my very first sip! It was wonderful! I drank it every night I was there. Then we went out to an Indian reservation somewhere in the Chaco Province area and there was the very old man with very few teeth left and he was all smiles as he shared Mate with me. It was such a wonderful experience. We shared Mate back and forth not really talking with each other at all, just drinking Yerba Mate together. I still remember it like it was yesterday!

One thing I was really amazed at when I was in Argentina is that they drink Yerba Mate there like we drink Coffee here. Everywhere you go you would see someone with a gourd and a thermos! Argentina is a wonderful country with very friendly people. I'm looking forward to going back one day.

For a good example of this, I have placed here a photo of the wonderful family I stayed with when I was in Argentina. Great people! If you look closely, you can see the Mom in the middle with you Yerba Mate and thermos! Just wonderful! This family helped introduce me to Mate!

That was almost 8 years ago now and I've been drinking Yerba Mate every day since! Oh I still have my American coffee every morning, I would be a monster without it, but every afternoon I have my Yerba Mate Tea and it gets me through that hump of the afternoon lull. Such a nice energy kick with this stuff and so many health benefits!!!

Over the years I have tried many brands of Yerba. My very favorite Yerba Mate is Rosamonte Especial. Here you can see a nice fresh bag just received in the mail and then opened and ready to brew! So nice! Nothing better then a fresh bag of Yerba Mate!

Here we have a fresh bag of Rasamonte Especial! Best tasting Yerba there is in my opinion. Check out this Awesome Rosamonte Soccer Shirt!!! Would love to have one!

...and here we have my favorite gourd filled up and ready to bre - Check out the Rosamonte Page!.

"Yerba" and "Mate" are really two different things. "Yerba" is the actual leaf/plant, while "Mate" is the name of the drink/beverage.

The really cool thing about this Yerba Mate tea is that it's a very social drink. The difference with Yerba Mate is that you share this drink with others.

I thought I would throw up these two cool icons you can use with Windows Instant Messenger. I use them all the time to share with a friend of mine when I'm starting to drink some Yerba Mate :-) My german friend "Dom Lamar" and myself created these icons while discussing our passion for this wonderful Argentina drink. You can see some of Dom's Yerba Mate photos on his flickr account here. He has some creative Yerba Mate photos there :-)

Here are the Yerba Mate icons: (Just right click and grab 'em!)

Yerba Mate Icon
Yerba Mate Icon
Yerba Mate Icon

More to come. Next I will show with photos why the Honda Element is perfect for Yerba Mate :-)
...Really... As promised I have added a page that explains why a Honda Element is perfect for Yerba Mate :-)

I have added some Yerba Mate Products on this Yerba Mate Product Links page to provide some quick access to recommended Yerba Mate products and all the accessories you will need as well.

Just added more Yerba Mate photos:
A mate in your hand and your toes in the sand... now that's peaceful!

Yerba Mate with Grapefruit. Brew your Yerba right inside the grapefruit!

Yerba Mate stored in jars.... Some photos of how I like to store my Yerba.

Yerba Mate while camping in the mountains! Such a great combo!

I also have a Yerbamadrinker Flickr page with some nice mate' photos I will be adding more there as I take them.

I will be adding more Yerba Mate photos here as I take them. Peace! Long live "The Mate!'"

* Check out these very helpful Yerba Mate instructional videos.

Just look at this Yerba field! Oh man! That's a lot of Yerba Mate!!! Gloriouse! These Yerba Fields are also called Yerba Mate plantations, Yerba Crops among other names. I wish I had one in my back yard!

* Below is a link to my favorite place on the internet to purchase Yerba Mate, Gourds and Bombillas! They have everything you need to enjoy this wonderful beverage!! I have been buying my Yerba, and Yerba Mate paraphernalia from for about 8 years now and I have never been disappointed! Very nice people that run this nice online store. So many different brands of Yerba they carry, it's amazing! They carry Yerba Mate from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Click the link below and check them out! I highly recommend their products! ~ Anthony - Check out my favorite place to shop for Yerba Mate Tea from Argentina.

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